Kfarhim Grotto consists of many overlapping layers many natural images, water falls, stalactites and stalagmites, thus creating a wonderful natural beauty drawn by God.

The cave of Kfarhim appears with multiple ranges giving all together many caves with different forms aspect and volume. They are not similar to each other with the water running all around the place.

Kfarhim Grotto is between 18 and 20 meters underground with moderate temperature in winter and summer.

Kfarhim Grotto situated at 30 km from Beirut, opening its doors in summer and winter, inside it so many big rooms of different altitude, some candles hanging from the top giving a wonderful brilliant aspect as diamond and crystal shine.

Kfarhim Grotto appears to be similar to other caves, but its unique by its independence, a beauty never seen before and you have a complete liberty to explain, Kfarhim Grotto many rooms talking about history a wonderful artistic painting made by God just to satisfy eyes, besides the handicrafts exhibition marking our history.